Nail Trimming

($10 donation requested)
There is probably no one thing that causes pet owners more anxiety than the thought of nail trimming. Our experienced staff is here to help. Bring your pet in to get its nails trimmed anytime the store is open. We do ask that you call ahead so we can accommodate your needs.

We use either a nail trimmer or a Dremel tool depending on how your pet reacts. Some dogs or cats dislike having their nails “clipped” because the clipping tool squeezes the nail when it cuts and and can pinch the nerve inside the nail. These dogs or cats are usually more cooperative with a filing procedure done with a Dremel. Some dogs or cats are averse to the vibration or sound of the Dremel. For these pets, we trim with a clipping tool. We always ask if we have trimmed your dog’s or cat’s nails in the past, and which tool they preferred.

Please Call Ahead 203-690-1400


We offer free delivery with a $49 minimum order.

We deliver to the following towns, Stratford, Bridgeport, Trumbull, Shelton and Derby.

Please call us at (203)-690-1400 for more details or to place an order.

 Orders before 11:00am – Will be delivered the same day.

Orders after 11:00am will be next day delivery.