12 bags, 13th free!

When you buy any 12 bags of the same brand, you will receive the 13th bag free! You can mix and match flavors. If you buy several different sized bags within a brand, your free bag will be the smallest sized bag within the 12 you purchased. Blue Buffalo supports a frequent buyer program after just 10 bags purchased!

There are no annoying cards to carry or receipts to save. We log you into our computerized system, keep track of your pet nutrition purchases and let you know when you have earned your free bag. Couldn’t be any easier.

Save 10% on a case of canned food

If you buy any 12 cans or more (10oz or larger) and you get 10% off all cans you buy with a similar size. You can mix and match the flavors and brands to get to 12 cans. The same discount applies to cans of less than 10oz though it applies to 24 or more cans.