About Us

Our Mission

The mission of H3 Pet Supply is to sell only products that will keep your pet happy and healthy, such as healthy pet food, and to promote humanity towards all animals. We want you to have peace of mind in knowing that anything you buy from our store will be good for your pet. Our vision is to be more than a pet store. We want to be a community resource, a place to go for advice on an array of animal related subjects like behavior questions, adoptions, healthy pet food and low cost spay/neuter options.

At H3, we love all animals. We want to promote the health and well being of not just animals that are lucky enough to have a caring home but also those that are homeless. For this reason, we will never sell a live animal in our store. Many pet stores say they promote adoptions but still sell birds, rabbits and other small animals. If you are looking to add a pet to your family, please don’t buy one from a pet store. Please consider adopting.

Our Story





Taboo is an 13 year old female cat. She was found as a pregnant stray in Stratford. Despite being diagnosed with Feline AIDS, Taboo is a healthy and wacky cat. She is definitely the queen of the cats.




Frances and Francis are 7 year old brother and sister cats who were rescued from Hamdem when they were a few days old. They had so many medical issues when they were little that they decided early on they wanted to stay. They now spend their days acting like the king and queen of the world.




Faith is a 5 year old female black cat. She was rescued from the Bridgeport Shelter when she was around 6 months old. She had been set on fire when she was a kitten and suffered severe burns over the top half of her body. She endured painful surgeries to remove the necrotic skin but her love of life saw her through the tough times. She is now a beautiful, affectionate and loving cat.

Ozzy is a male tabby cat who was found clinging to life on the side of the road in Trumbull when he was around 5 weeks old. After weeks of TLC he made a miraculous recovery but still has scars from the prior severe infections. He is visually impaired and has permanent respiratory issues. He has such a wonderful spirit and a great love of life that is contagious.





Red is an 12 year old male tabby. He was rescued from the streets in Monroe. We think he was previously abused as he has no interest in being with people.
He loves the dogs and the other cats so exists peacefully in the house as long as no one looks at him, touches him or even tries to talk to him.

Shea is two years old. She was found as a 6 week old stray in Shelton after being mauled by another animal.
It’s amazing what good vet care and lots of TLC can do for an animal. She made a complete recovery but can be a bit of a nervous soul as she thinks everything wants to attack her.